Artist Registration

Art Smiley NFT platform allows artists to create authentic, unique, NFT-based collectibles.  Artists are encouraged to register and submit their art. You can submit your artwork in any medium, including original art, photography, graphics, animation, illustration, and mixed media.

Art Smiley NFT showcases the collection of curated digital & phygital arts of the artists.

Explore A New Medium Of Artistic Expression.

Explore the creative outlet to promote your digital artworks. Art Smiley offers the digital realm and NFTs that you cannot find anywhere.

Grab The Share Of The Secondary Market Sales

Art Smiley NFT allows you to get a share of secondary market sales. Artists can get a percentage on each sale
of artwork.

Integrated High-End

Creators do not have to worry about selling NFT. Art Smiley NFT supports you with cutting-edge technology and trends to sell NFT art.

Benefits for ArtSmiley NFT

Connect With Global Audience

Art Smiley NFT supports artists to network with the mass audience looking for NFT and expands their artwork community.

Get The Royalties Easily

Art Smiley NFT supports artists and their digital artworks across the globe. The royalties of art sales are transferred to crypto savings wallets via a smart contract.


Art Smiley NFT conducts auctions to showcase digital artworks and the artists will get notified when the art is sold.

Registration Process


Artists are requested to register by creating a profile with complete information such as name, profile description, and contact details.


Art Smiley NFT curator reviews the details of the registered artists and qualifies them to mint the artworks. 

Terms and conditions

Artists must express interest and agree to the terms and conditions of the website to sell the artwork.


Artists can send all details along with prices for the selected art works. We will upload the artworks into the website.


Click on Artist Registration and fill all details about yourself you and upload NFT works. Our curator will check and send you an email within 4 weeks, if you works are selected.

NFTs are earning money for artists, illustrators, and designers. Art Smiley NFT offers you the chance to sell your digital art across the globe and can open up access to active new communities of interested buyers.

Yes, Digital files of artworks can be stored as NFTs and sell them by establishing the secure ownership of an original digital asset. Artwork should be unique and owned by Artist.

An NFT is a cryptographic record of ownership for a unique artwork that is encoded into a blockchain.

Art Smiley NFT allows you to sell your creations by setting a price, accepting offers directly from buyers, or through a partner marketplace. Aside from meeting the minimum price, you can set your own price. All sale prices are based on the blockchain.

Yes, You can create your own NFT art digitally and sell through Art Smiley NFT platform. Artists can sell NFTs of their physical art like paintings, drawings, and photographs.

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